Quaver Notes



Release Date

Oct 23, 2018


iOS 10.0 or later.


Traditional Chinese

QuaverNote let your music teaching notes more powerful, and enhances teaching progress into a more organised and effective way to...

# View your music lesson key points at a glance
QuaverNote provides you a clear of music lesson list with music tags, which helps you to pick up each lessons quickly.

# Mark music lesson notes as you want
Type any words about the lesson you want inside the lesson note page, with the help of other components such as music tags and embedded materials.

# Jot music terms as tags
Tags list of musical terms enables inside the music lesson note page. Input the tags into to your notes which suit to your teaching lesson.

# Embedded materials into your lessons
List of materials information is available in material page. Search the material you want and add to your notes by just one click.

Thank you for using QuaverNote. Please look forward to the new features.

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